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Collection: Waxing Treatments

Vendor: Cirepil

As opposed to shaving, which chops hair off at the skin line and whose effects last only a day or two, waxing removes hair from the root, which means the smooth results of a professional wax can last up to a month.

For our Brazillian (Strip Left) - Hot Wax, we are fully certified and are proud to be partnered with Cirepil, the world leader in waxing products and training.

What Is Hot Waxing? Working at a slightly higher temperature than normal “warm wax”, hot wax makes shorter and more stubborn hairs easier to remove and can be a much more comfortable way of removing intimate hair.

We are specialists in all forms of waxing and guarantee a perfectly smooth waxed area. We understand the importance of quick, comfortable and thorough waxing, achieving perfect results every time.
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