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Eye Treatments & Eyebrow Lamination

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A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to any tinting treatment.

Eyelash Tint - £14

Eyebrow Tint - £10

Eyebrow Shape - £10

Eye Package - ­£30

                                      Includes eyelash tint, brow tint and shape

LVL lash lift - £48

LVL stands for Length, Volume & Lift and is a low-maintenance and long-lasting natural eyelash treatment. The results are immediately visible and will last between  6-8 weeks.
By straightening your natural lashes from the root, and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up


 A patch test is required 48 hours prior to any lash treatment.
Book LVL lashes with us and our experienced therapists and our prestigious beauty salon at the Grand hotel Gosforth Park, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Eyebrow Lamination - £45 

Eyebrow Lamination is a treatment that sculpts and lifts the brows, it can help to make the eyebrows look more full. 

This treatment also included a eyebrow tint and an eyebrow wax. 

Results from the brow lamination last between 6-8 weeks. 

You must not get your eyebrows wet for the first 24hours after the treatment. 

Patch tests are required at least 48hours prior to any brow lamination treatment. 

A patch test for the Lamination and the eyebrow tint will be required. 



 LVL & Lamination Package - £90

This is a separate package to include both Eyebrow Lamination and LVL Lash Lift. 

Both treatments are as described in the treatment list above. 

Included in this package you will recieve; 

- LVL Lash Lift 

-Eyebrow Lamination ( which included an eyebrow wax and eyebrow tint) 


Patch tests for LVL Lashes and Eyebrow Lamination and Eyebrow tint must be done at least 48hours prior to any treatment. 



Conact us on 01912171363 for any more information or to book in!

50% deposits are required for all appointments. 

Any cancellations or changes to appointments must be made at least 48hours before your treatment date once booked in.